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    • 1-8 Hot Dip Galvanized Hex Nut (Box of 10)

      Misc. Approved Vendor

      1-8 Hot Dip Galvanized Hex Nut (Box of 10)

      Hot-dip galvanization is a form of galvanization. It is the process of coating iron and steel with zinc, which alloys with the surface of the base metal when immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc

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    • 2h a194 structural heavy hex nut

      Misc. Approved Vendor

      1-8 A194 2H Heavy Hex Nut

      Buy More and Save!   10 pack = $22.00, 50 pack = $88.50, 100 = $142.00   Structural nuts are about 10% taller and wider than standard hex nuts and distribute the load over a large area. Also known as heavy hex nuts, these nuts are designed...

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