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  • Powers 1/4" (6mm) x 2 1/2" Safe-T+Pin 2801SD

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    The Safe-T+ Pin is a small-steel nail anchor which is designed for use in a variety of applications and as an improved alternative to traditional zamac nailin anchors where overhead use in not recommended. The Safe-T+ Pin can be used with pre-drilled holes in solid base materials such as concrete, grouted block, brick and stone. It can also be used in cracked concrete applications where the anchors are engineered for redundant fastening.Box of 100. General Applications and Uses: Electrical Fixtures, Signage, Maintenance, Interior applications/low level corrosion environment, HVAC/Mechanical, Drywall Track, Redundant fastening. Suitable Base Materials: Normal-Weight Concrete, Structural Sand-lighweight Concrete, Brick Masonry, Stone