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  • Powers 1/4" x 1" Mush. HD Zamac Hammer Screw 2840

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    The Zamac Hammer-Screw is a unique, one-step drive anchor featuring a Phillips type head and a screw thread for use in concrete, block, brick or stone. With a body formed from corrosion resistant Zamac alloy and a carbon or stainless steel drive screw, this anchor has been developed by Powers as an improvement over standard nailin anchors. Box of 100. General Applications and uses: Roof Flashings, Brick Ties and Masonry Anchorage, Electrical Fixtures, Signage, HVAC and Mechanical Attachments, Drywall Track, Maintenance, Surveillance equipment. Suitable Base Materials: Normal-Weight Concrete, Hollow Concrete Masonry (CMU), Brick Masonry, Stone