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  • Powers 3/8" SMART DI Set Tool 00427SD


    3/8" SMART DI steeing tool for use with 3/8" diameter SMART Dropin Anchor.

    SMART DI™ Internally Threaded Expansion Anchor System

    Simply drill hole and slide the appropriate DEWALT SMART Setting Tool over the SMART Stop Drill Bit used to drill the hole and twist counterclockwise to lock the setting tool onto the bit.

    Once attached, insert the tip of the setting tool into the Smart DI anchor and drive the internal plug fully using the rotation with hammer mode of the SDS+ drill.

    For proper installation, the shoulder of the setting tool must come briefly in full contact with the Smart DI resulting in the
    blue indicator paint being removed from the raised top of the anchor. The paint will remain in the recessed portion of the top indicating full expansion.